Continuous Data Protection

CDP Server allows you to create multiple checkpoints from your server's data throughout the day without slowing down your server performance. No more time consuming backup tapes!

Integrates with cPanel

Clients can easily restore files and folders with easy-to-use web interface.

MySQL databases

With the MySQL Addon you can easily restore whole MySQL databases at once or even single database tables one at a time. Supports MyISAM and InnoDB database engines.

Bare Metal Restore

An entire server can be restored from backups within minutes without even installing the operating system. Recover up to ten times faster than before!

Case: Recovering from a hard drive failure

Hard drive failure is the worst nightmare of every server administrator. Thanks to CDP technology, your nightmares are finally over. Below you can see our table of traditional recovery compared with CDP recovery. Does the traditional recovery sound familiar? Backups and recovery doesn't have to be difficult and time consuming!

R1Soft Bare Metal Restore Traditional restore
1. Install new hard drive 1. Install new hard drive
2. Begin Bare Metal Restore from control panel 2. Partition hard drive
3. Wait for data to transfer to new hard drive - and that is it! 3. Install operating system
  4. Configure and update your operating system
  5. Install control panel
  6. Copy backups to the server
  7. Restore backups
  8. Fix bunch of problems
  9. Explain the downtime to angry customers!
  10. Ready! (maybe)