New feature in Webmail


We added a new feature in Webmail that has previously been impossible to implement due to technical limitations. This feature is Change Password.
You can find it in Webmail under Settings -> Change Password.

Linux is everywhere


Scene Group servers run Linux, but Linux is used for so much more than just servers. Check out this great video made available by The Linux Foundation about how Linux is built and how it has become a major part of our daily lives!

PHP 5.4.0 released


PHP has released their latest 5.4.0 version that includes many improvements and changes, some of which are not compatible with the older versions of PHP. Our recommendation is that software developers will familiarize themselves with these changes and start working on ensuring that their code is compatible with 5.4.0. Scene Group will notify it's customers well in advance of the upgrade schedule to 5.4.0 on our shared web hosting servers.

* See PHP Migration Guide on



Our support team will be spending the holidays between 12/24/2011 and 12/27/2011. During this time we will handle all emergency requests and continue monitoring all servers 24 hours a day.

Christmas has traditionally always been the time to help others in need. We realize this at Scene Group and this year a donation was made by Scene Group Oy in Finland (our sister company) to the finnish Salvation Army. With the global economic slowdown there are more families than ever who need your help so pick a cause close to your heart and donate money or equipment or volunteer in the good work. Remember, all donations big or small will make a big difference!

We wish all our customers and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Successful New Year 2012!

Support for PNG images in Image Gallery


We added support for PNG images in our control panel's built-in Image Gallery. Creating new image galleries is simple: Just upload your images to a folder on the server, then click "Create image gallery" in the folder's "More actions" menu in the control panel "Files" section.

Scene Group celebrating 10 years in business!


We want to thank all our clients and partners for the magnificent 10 years we've had. Without you all this wouldn't be possible. Let's make the next 10 years even more magnificent!

New power tools for control panel


We have developed some cool new tools to manage and publish your files with our control panel! New features are available under the Files section in the control panel.

Manage files

Upload files, manage your webspace and set file permissions easily with the new web interface. Smart icons reflect the file type for easier file management experience.

Password protect directories

Protect your files from outsiders easily with a username and password combination. Just click "Protect with password" in the control panel "More actions" menu.

One Click Photo Gallery

Instantly create a stunning web gallery of your photos with a single click! All you need to do is to upload your photos to the server and click "Create image gallery" in the "More actions" menu. This will automatically create a web gallery of the images in that directory. You can also create private galleries by using the "Protect with password" feature. When you add or remove photos in to the directory the Gallery will automatically update it's content every time someone loads the page.

We hope you love the new features as much as we do! Please send your comments and suggestions for new features to

More disk space!


We are upgrading disk space limits on all web hosting plans today. Our new disk space limits will better meet the growing disk space requirements of our clients and provide significant cost savings. We are continuing to provide the highest quality disk space available. All our new web hosting servers are being built to use the enterprise level SAS (15,000 RPM) hard drives for best performance and reliability.

New disk spaces

  Before Now
Gold 1GB 5GB
Platinum 5GB 10GB
Platinum+ 10GB 20GB

Instant setup of web hosting accounts


All new web hosting orders are now instantly setup following your first payment. You can start building your new website right away!

New look and new features


Today we are launching our new website and new look for our services. At the same time we introducing our new web hosting control panel. You will find the new look in VPS control panel and SceneDesk later this summer.

Thanks to our new control panel, controlling your web hosting account is now easier than ever. We have focused on improving and simplifying the user experience on key tools such as email and database management. Customers will continut to have access to regular cPanel by clicking the Advanced functions link in the control panel.

Webmail is also enjoying the new fresh look and many fixes that will increase the overall user experience and usability.

Our dedicated server offerings are now based on the new, energy efficient Intel Xeon L5630 processor, replacing the previous line of Intel Xeon L5410 servers.

Your feedback is important to us. Many of the great features being launched today are inspired by your feedback and ideas. We have more good things coming out later this summer so read our blog and follow us on Twitter!

New OS options for VPS


We have just made available Fedora 14 and Debian 6.0 for our virtual server customers. In addition Ubuntu 11.04 is on it's way and will be made available in the near future!

New VPS offerings and feature upgrades


Today we are introducing new, entry-level 512MB VPS for only $19 per month! At the same time we are upgrading bandwidth limits on all current VPS plans and dropping monthly fees by $10-$50.


  Before After
Basic $59 $49
Performance $119 $99
eXtreme $199 $149


  Before After
Basic 200GB 1000GB
Performance 400GB 1500GB
eXtreme 500GB 2000GB

Add Server Management for only $30 per month

We deliver your server fully configured, migrate your site from Hosting Service to VPS and handle all server management tasks for only $30 per month! Our price includes cPanel license ($15 per month if purchased separately). Virtual servers with management starting from $49 per month. Click here to learn more!

Linux professional services now with 15 minute billing interval

Most problems can be solved in less than 30 minutes. Then why should you pay for the full hour? You shouldn't. We are switching to 15 minute billing interval in all professional Linux services. You pay only $25 per 15 minutes or $75 per hour. The price is always the same day and night!

Introducing new control panel for virtual servers


Managing your virtual server is now easier than ever, thanks to our new control panel! We have been actively developing these new features since summer to make your daily life as server administrator more enjoyable.


The new Dashboard provides all the essential information about your virtual server: Current status, CPU, RAM and disk usage and bandwidth information. All the information is available in accurate number format and gorgeous graphs.


The good old reboot tool is available in the new version as well.

Power management

Shutdown or start your server.

Operating system reinstall

You can reinstall the operating system with a few clicks and choose from many popular Linux distributions such as CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu and Debian.

Upgrade your VPS

With a few clicks you can upgrade your VPS plan at anytime. The new features will be available in less than a minute!

Choose language

You can now choose between english and finnish as your default language.

We are actively developing new tools and features in our control panel for virtual servers. Please send your feedback and feature requests to our Support,!

Archive emails easily with Webmail!


Many of you using Mozilla Thunderbird are familiar with the great Archive feature recently introduced in Thunderbird. We are big fans of Thunderbird and very excited about this feature and decided to add the same Archive feature to our Webmail! With one single click, you can archive your messages in our webmail. Our feature is also 100% Mozilla Thunderbird compatible!

You can define how you want to archive messages in Webmail Settings. You can archive messages in the following ways:

You can also set your own custom archive folder.

Archiving emails is extremely easy - just click "Archive" in the message window. Archived messages can be viewed under the "Archive" link in the menu.

Archiving emails is a great new way to keep your inbox clean and to easily find information from your old emails!

Improved IE7 support for Webmail


We improved the support for Internet Explorer 7 in our own Webmail application. IE7 is not officially supported in our Webmail because of it's legacy status, however we got some feedback from our clients who were stuck with IE7 in their organizations and decided we needed to help them out.
This upgrade fixes the Inbox view and improves the overall IE7 compatibility. Despite of this upgrade we recommend everyone to always run the latest available version of their web browser for the best security and user experience.

New server solutions are here!


We did a complete overhaul of our server offerings, and we saw that a change was needed. Our customers simply deserve something so much better, such as the new, environment friendly Intel Xeon L5410 Quad Core processors that are now powering all new virtual servers. But what you need a blazing fast Quad Core for if you don't have the hard drives to go with? Exactly. All new virtual servers enjoy the fastest drives on the market - SAS 15,000 RPM. For the record, most virtual server providers use 7,200 RPM SATA drives.

Virtualization Ready is the new thing in some of the dedicated server offerings. It means that your server has enough horsepower to turn it into a cloud / virtual server node. That means that your server hardware can be split into multiple virtual servers.

Last but not least is our new managed dedicated server offering. It's not just your typical dedicated server with management but much more. It comes with unlimited support, 24/7 monitoring, unlimited CDP backups, RedHat Enterprise Linux and cPanel 11. All with a single monthly fee and no commitment, starting from just $499 per month!

Read our complete announcement of the new services and comments by our CEO!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2010!


Our support team will be spending the holidays between 12/24/2009 and 12/27/2009. During this time we will handle all emergency requests and continue monitoring all servers 24 hours a day.

Christmas has traditionally always been the time to help others in need. We realize this at Scene Group and this year a donation was made by Scene Group Oy in Finland (our sister company) to the finnish Salvation Army. Now in the midst of a financial crisis there are more people than ever who need your help so pick a cause most close to you and donate money or equipment or volunteer in the good work. Remember, all donations big or small will make a big difference!

We wish all our customers and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Succesful New Year 2010!

Hosting Service upgraded to PHP 5.2.12


We upgraded PHP to the latest 5.2.12 version on all Hosting Service servers during the maintenance window this past weekend. This release features over 60 bug fixes and will provide better overall performance and security. Check the full ChangeLog here.

New Value servers starting from $149,- per month


We added some new Value series servers that start as low as $149 per month! We have servers equipped with AMD Opteron 2212HE 2.0GHz Dual Core and AMD Opteron 275 2.2GHz processors, 1-16GB of RAM and SATA or SCSI hard drives.

Some of the servers can have additional processors, memory or hard drives upgraded. For more details, contact sales. Act quickly as we have only limited availability on these fast selling servers!

Hosting Service enjoys PHP 5.2.11


During last night's maintenance we upgraded PHP on all Hosting Service servers to PHP 5.2.11 that increases speed and stability and includes some 75 bugfixes. Check the full ChangeLog here.

Georgia flood not affecting datacenter operations in Atlanta


If you've watched CNN today you will know by now that there's a flood in Georgia near our datacenter location in Atlanta. We are in the top floor (21st) so we are not really worried about our servers getting wet, but I guess what Im saying here is that should the water rise that high we probably have other things to worry about as well, right?

I talked with Kurt, our Datacenter Manager this morning and he told me he had been trying to get to the datacenter for 2,5 hours with no success. All the roads were blocked because of the flood. Kurt may be stuck at home today but not to worry - we have staff onsite who live right nearby and have no trouble whatsoever to access the datacenter.

Force of nature, such as this flood, is a prime example of all the things possible a hosting company must be prepared for in order to keep your business online at all times. It is times like these when you learn the true value of a premium hosting partner.

RAM upgrades on Hosting Service


During the scheduled maintenance this weekend we doubled the RAM memory in Hosting Service server New York. This upgrade will address some of the high load issues that the server was experiencing in the past week and as a result of this upgrade customers will experience better delivery times and a more stable server environment. During the same maintenance the kernel was upgraded and additional monitoring software was installed. The monitoring software can automatically take advanced action in any software related issues.

Dark clouds in the hosting industry


It's been some dark clouds over the hosting sky in the past few days. HyperVM, a control panel for OpenVZ and Xen virtualization platforms was found to have critical security issues. Many security problems were found in Kloxo web hosting panel as well, both developed by LXlabs, an India-based company.

While LXlabs addressed some of the issues, they were out in the open for long enough to cause some serious damage to multiple hosting businesses. A UK-based provider VASERV was reported to have lost over 100,000 websites hosted in their servers.

While the hosting companies have been holding their breath waiting for new security fixes from LXlabs, the frustration has been growing towards the software developer for the lack of communication. This, until the news broke out that LXlabs is a one man shop and that the owner, K T Ligesh, had hanged himself in his room. The news were reported by The Times of India.

There has been rumors that the company has another employee but so far there is no official word. A lot of people are hoping that LXlabs products would be open sourced so the community could take over and fix the security issues. It is clear there will be a lot of headache in many companies seeking to migrate to new control panel solutions.

Rest in peace, K T Ligesh.

Scene Group launches new website and services


Today we launched our renewed website and services for the USA and international market, shortly following Scene Group Oy's yesterday launch of Scene Group's finnish website,

We talked with many of our clients and listened to their needs. It was clear there was a lot of demand for managed solutions, while leaving the option for unmanaged services available. One of the other things that people had loved while being with us was that our staff actually knows them and their systems closely. When our technicians and system administrators know the client and their configurations, it results in better service and faster resolutions.

A lot of customers were after a higher level of redundancy by geographic diversity. As a result, we negotiated with several datacenters around the globe and now offer the possibility to locate servers in Dallas, TX and London, UK in addition to our Atlanta, GA datacenter facility.

If you like personal service, want to deal with the same professional people who knows your system in and out and can help you to manage, backup and run your servers and help you succeed, then we're the right company for you. In the other hand, if your looking for the absolute cheapest way to host your files online, you may find happiness with an other provider. We are here to provide excellent service and to build client relationships that lasts for years to come.