Customer Service

Get support

The primary channel for all support requests is our client portal. All support requests sent via SceneDesk will receive a higher priority than email support requests.

Email is the secondary support channel. Email support requests are being handled with a lower priority than SceneDesk support requests. Handling of email support requests is usually slower as we need to perform a manual identification to make sure your request is valid.

Telephone support is provided based on your SLA and you will have a direct number provided to your account manager.

Help! The server is down!

The chances are that it's probably not. Due to our high security standards our server firewall has an integrated IDS (Intrusion Detection System) that will block your access to the server if there has been multiple failed login attempts from your IP address. The IDS will consider these attempts as a brute force attack, even though you might have just forgotten your password.

If you can't connect to the server and you suspect that your IP address has been blocked, please go to where you can check if your IP was blocked and then remove the block yourself.