Scene Group celebrating 10 years in business!


We want to thank all our clients and partners for the magnificent 10 years we've had. Without you all this wouldn't be possible. Let's make the next 10 years even more magnificent!

Scene Group is now on Twitter!


Follow us for status updates, news, special offers and much more! Also, don't hesitate to drop a line to us and ask any questions you might have.

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Extremely affordable Intel Xeon Quad Core servers now available!


We dropped the prices of our Intel Xeon Quad Core servers by a $100! The prices of our Intel Xeon L5410 2.33GHz Quad Core servers are now starting from $195,- per month. Xeon L5410 is a server grade CPU and is well known for it's speed and low power consumption, which makes it an ideal processor to power your server for many years to come. Check out the new servers and build yours today!

New server solutions


Scene Group has renewed it's entire virtual- and dedicated server offerings. In addition a new fully managed server offering has been made available. All servers now have similar naming that helps customers to identify the right product. The new names are Basic, Performance and eXtreme.

Our new virtual private servers utilize the eco-friendly low power Intel Xeon L5410 Quad Core processors and enterprise-grade, high speed SAS 15,000 RPM hard drives. Customers will have access to an online management panel to control their server. The management panel is fully developed by SG's in house software developers.

"Our virtual servers now provide a true alternative to dedicated servers with the introduction of our 4GB RAM virtual server, boasting the fast SAS drives and Quad Core processors" says Mikko Kivinen, CEO and founder of Scene Group.

Some of the dedicated servers are now tagged as Virtualization Ready. These servers have been designed to take benefit of our virtualization platform and their resources can easily be shared between multiple virtual instances, providing a cloud-like multi-server hosting environment.

Scene Group's latest offering, managed dedicated servers, offers a lot more than just server management. It comes with a baked in R1Soft CDP backup solutions, unlimited support and with a number of valuable software licenses, such as RedHat Enterprise Linux, cPanel 11 and R1Soft backup agent all with a single monthly fee and no long-term commitment. Those servers that are tagged as Virtualization Ready will get a free license of our virtual server management panel.

Mikko Kivinen, the CEO of Scene Group says: "A large number of our customers can't manage their own servers or simply don't have the time for it. They require a server solution, not a server puzzle. They are tired of using multiple providers to get the right hardware, management, backups and licenses. It is not only time consuming but confusing and expensive as well. Our solution includes everything in one monthly fee and works as an extension of the customer's business".

Check out the great new offerings today!

» Virtual Private Servers

» Dedicated Servers

Scene Group acquires Evolution Studios' web hosting business


Scene Group LLC, and Evolution Studios announced today that they have reached an agreement where all Evolution Studios' web hosting customers will be transferred under a new service provider, Scene Group LLC.

"We welcome the customers of Evolution Studios' to experience high quality webhosting service with Scene Group! We are very excited about this deal and looking forward to expand our presence in the United States with this acquisition. The clients can rest assured we will make the transfer a smooth one and take their web hosting experience to the next level" says Mikko Kivinen, CEO of Scene Group.

"Evolution Studios is very confident that Scene Group LLC will be able to maintain the quality and fast customer service that the staff of Evolution Studios has prided itself on. Evolution Studios and Toydrum has been in operation for several years maintaining hosting accounts and website development. This is a chapter closing in our book, but we are very excited for the future and wish each of our customer's good luck and a profitable online experience" says Ryan Courtade, CEO and founder of Evolution Studios.

About Scene Group

Scene Group is an international web hosting provider founded in 2001, with presence both in Finland and USA. The company is focused on providing a premium web hosting experience to it's clients and is known for it's strong in-house R&D.

About Evolution Studios

Evolution Studios is a leader in website development. Specializing not only in web development, Evolution Studios is also able to provide help in print design, magazine layouts, radio and television advertising, as well as branding and image development. We enjoy challenges and work very hard to make sure each new challenge is handled with attention, detail, and the speed to accomplish all of our projects on time.

Scene Group launches new website and services


Scene Group LLC, the international specialist in enterprise-level hosting solutions, has launched it's new website and services!

In addition to our new virtual- and dedicated server lineups we are introducing a new set of ordering tools, that will allow the customer to try different server configurations and see how the different options affect the monthly fee of the configuration. Building servers has never been this easy!

Our dedicated server customers will also enjoy the new possibility to locate servers to Dallas and London, UK in addition to our existing Atlanta, Georgia datacenter location. This will provide a great way to build value and increase redundancy by utilizing the geographical diversity of our datacenter facilities.

Scene Group LLC will continue to grow it's co-operations with the Finland-based Scene Group Oy in the area of datacenter- and management services as well as in product development.

Scene Group now provides an excellent platform for businesses to concentrate all their hosting needs to one place by providing the datacenter facilities, fast servers, complete backup solutions and comprehensive management to keep your business online every day of the year.