VPS - Take 3, pay for 2! Cheapest one comes free as long as your subscriptions for the other 2 VPS are active. Offer valid only through June 2008.


New Reseller Plans now available, starting from $29/month!


We have just added 2 new network providers to our Silver Network: Atlanta IX and VW Fiber! Silver Network has now a total of 5 network providers.


For a limited time only our VPS GOLD comes with 1GB guaranteed RAM / 2GB burstable RAM at no extra cost! VPS GOLD normally includes 512MB / 1GB RAM.


Take advantage of our limited time only dedicated server special offer! 2 AMD Opteron 2.4GHz processors, 16GB RAM, 147GB SCSI drive and 3000GB monthly bandwidth, just for $249 a month (or 199 EUR)!


New super powerful dedicated servers available now with discount prices! Find out now how to get your own dual processor Opteron server with 16GB RAM and 147GB SCSI HD with less than $300 / month!


Important note to AOL users: In the past few days we have experienced problems emailing AOL users who use AOL's email blocking features. We advice all AOL users to contact our sales and support using a non-AOL email address, otherwise we may not be able to reply your email.


Scene Group Oy deploys R1Soft's Continuous Data Protection technology!


Virtual private servers available now! Choose your location: USA & World or Europe.


We DOUBLED the DISK SPACE in all plans! New pricing options available as well.

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